vendredi 22 janvier 2016

jeudi 14 janvier 2016

HK (Hawk & Kryme) (TMF) - Next Year

Tommy Whispers & Kryme Life release the first single off the Hungry Kids Project!

mardi 12 janvier 2016

dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Method Man - Met Lab II : The Lithium

Method Man's The Meth Lab II: The Lithium coming this summer.


Hanz On - The Meth Lab 2: The Lithium freestyle

Treach ft Bumpy Knuckles, Raekwon - Let Me Tell You Something

Exclusive track from upcoming collabos album between Treach, bumpy Knuckles & Trick Trick. The group is called O.G.ology and this one features Raekwon. This is a rough version and doesn't feature Trick Trick's verse yet. This is also the first leak off of #DD40.

[Throwback] RZA, Eminem, Dr Dre & B-Real On the cover of Melody Maker Magazine (Nov 2000)

mercredi 6 janvier 2016

RZA on Martin Shkreli

Eloh Kush & Dus ft 60 Second Assassin - NWA

Anthai ft Lone Ninja, Holocaust, & Pro The Leader - Cyborg Ninjas

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