Noble Scity ft Kevlaar 7 - Harsh Windz

Week 14 of Scity Sunday's is a special one as we just came up on 3 years of the untimely passing of not only an amazing MC/Producer, but also an amazing person in general. Kevlaar played a pivotal role in the exposure of Noble Scity. This track, Harsh Windz, in particular was something Kevlaar wanted to jump on and drop heat to. Not only that, but with the exception of Danamic, this is the first time that we heard the Noble Scity collective on a track together signaling the birth of Noble Scity. While Noble Scity was a thing created prior and many other MCs were supposed to join in on this track, for whatever reason, these 4 ended up on the track together and Kevlaar joined in on that. The end result is a brotherhood created and still growing 10 years later and a classic verse from a great person who we take the time out to celebrate with this week's Scity Sunday's. Rest In Power to Kevlaar 7.

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